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The worry and joy of the light guide industry

2019-02-28 2716

      In the past two years, the light guide plates used in the market are mainly laser light guide plates. Because the market development form is better, there are also many new manufacturers appearing, and the competition for the whole industry is getting bigger and bigger.

      Since the beginning of the 17th year, the price of light guide plate materials has been rising all the time, and the customer demand is also constantly improving. Simple laser spotting or engraving technology can no longer meet the needs of the market. Many manufacturers have begun to summarize their own shortcomings and continue to research and develop new ones. Technology and products.

      Domestic lighting is also affected by the regulation of real estate, the demand for the entire market is relatively reduced, but the outdoor lighting project is constantly increasing, driving the development of the entire LED industry. How to stand out in this trend, and gaining a bigger market will become the driving force for continuous optimization in the industry.

      Xiao Bian believes that LED companies should find their own position, continue to innovate in product technology, and respond to future development with quality and service.